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Psydde's ongoing war against inhibition and boredom is a just war fought on many fronts. The Delicious Exploitation Juggernaut is unstoppable. His party goers know the true path is Delicious

Fast Cheap and Out of Control: Psydde Delicious' Fast Cheap and Out of Control is Philadelphia's original rock 'n' roll, amateur go-go party! Long before the slews of immitators there was Fast Cheap... the dirty grandfather of the Philly punk rock and Rock & Roll party! Fast Cheap and Out of Control has been held weekly every Sunday night for over six years... and many more raunchy years to come! Stop by and see what the hype is all about.. Fast Cheap & Out of Control, Fluid nightclub, every Sunday, 10pm!. Visit the Site

Titty Slap: Psydde Delicious' dirty loins have spawned the most shocking and offensive erotic sport ever to be filmed! TittySlap: The Ultimate Bitch Fight pits six sexy, angry, and dangerous women against each other in a savage and sexy open-hand slap fight.. all completely topless! The “TittySlap” phenomenon has taken Philadelphia by storm and is now about to sweep the nation. To date, “TittySlap” events in Philly have offended and entertained hundreds over and over again. It is only a matter of time before “Tittyslap” becomes a part of the American lexicon! Visit the Site

Pornaoke: We all love porn, we all love karaoke.... now you got the best of both, it's Pornaoke!!! It does'nt matter what'cha call it, Porno Karaoke, Porneoke, Pornaoki, or Porneoki.... it's the most fun you'll ever have in public making sound effects to your favorite porn scenes! (Just don't tell Mom....) Pornaoke offers guests the chance to grab a mic and contribute their own "sound effects" to clips from everyone's favorite moments in Porn! We provide the scenes, YOU provide the screams! Free condoms, drink specials, porn giveaways, prizes, porn-beats spun all night! Prizes for: Most Believable, Most Creative, Most Likely to have an STD, and Booby Prize for Premature Articulation! Hosted by Psydde Delicious and Athena Lourdes. Video projection by Large Marge, Pornaoke Rap performed by MC Kooka Koola! Sponsored by, Passional, and TittySlap.comdVisit the Site

Delicious Corsets: Delicious Corsets was founded by Psydde Delicious and Amy Schmitz in 1995. Delicious is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science where he studied fashion and textile design. Schmitz, who also attended Philadelphia Textile, has been sewing and designing for over 15 years in both Philadelphia and San Francisco. Visit the Site

The Family of Shame: The Family of Shame subversive arts conglomerate believes art can be dangerous, and we mean to prove it.
We are a newly forming collaborative art production, publishing and web portfolio company based in Philadelphia PA. We are not interested in making the world a better place. We are not interested in decorating your lobby. We are not out to win any awards. But we are shameless in our narcissism.
Visit the Site

Punk Rock Karaoke: Come slurrr along to your favorite punk rock tunes the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Pontiac Grille. Punk Rock karaoke in front of a live band! How fuckin' punk! Sponsored by Zipperhead, East Coast Ghost, Tattooed Mom's, Emerica, and the Pontiac Grille. Look for us on MySpace and sign up for our reminders!

Rock N' Roll Queer Bar: An irreverant circus for the homopunk, queer-rocker, gay skin set.... Come get your fag on the Second Wednesday of every month! NO COVER!!! Held in North 3rd's scandalous and seedy back room... 3rd and Brown Streets in Northern Liberties section of Philly! Open to homos and breeders of all persuasions, genders, and political views! Frolicking DJ Psydde Delicious. Heavy handed bartending, and free drink (bar's choice) to anyone who whips their schlong out at the DJ booth.. male or female! (Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, and Alcoholism all at once!) dVisit the Site

Clown Crawl: Clowns are so scariest!: Psydde Delicious, apparently unsatisfied with horrifying people by showing them flabby nude boobs, has decided to make Philadelphia's coulrophobes, well, shit themselves. He's organized a "clown crawl" in celebration of the Ringling Bros. Circus' arrival in town, and more than 50 clowns are expected to traipse down South Street visiting Tattooed Mom, the Pontiac, Mako's, Club 218, Bridget Foy's and La Tazza. Look for the next Clown Crawl in 2005!dVisit the Site

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