Delicious World Domination Past Campaigns and Conquests

Psydde's conquests are all consuming. Never a battle lost and never a man left behind. Delicious is undefeated. God loves Delicious. The Devil loves Delicious. YOU love Delicious.

Friggn' Delicious : My favorite experiment that nobody got! Art meets rock, meets avante garde, meets nobody at the bar! Created by Psydde Delicious and Junior Friggster (aka Major Wood, aka Frigg) The music rocked, the art rocked, the food rocked... damn shame nobody ever showed up to see it rock! Maybe someday this will be revisited... if only for the fried chicken and mashed potatos! They especially rocked... ask Allen!

Cuckold Films : Delicious' first film project, as of yet still uncompleted. "Rock'n Fuck'n Roll" was a documentary featuring Philadelphia sex industry and rock'n'roll scene, and the almost indistiguishable boundries! A live show was thrown and filmed featuring Sugar Skulls, Dead City Psychos, Smut, and ****. Anything goes, and it did! The crowd was more than willing to get down and drity for our cameras! Some day the final film may see the light of day, but for right now I think Seph just uses the raw footage for masturbatory fodder.

Delicious Follies : Delicious' twisted performance art salon held at the late Butter nightclub. Performers included The King of Piano Porn, the Bald Mermaids, Jimmi Mooney, John Price, and many others. Butter will always live in infamy for the night that Cowboy ran naked from Lucy's Hat Shop, through the streets of Old City, and to Butter where he perched 'au natural' until his clohing arrived shorty after.

Personality Crisis : Philly's most schizophrenic rock'n'roll night ever! Spun by Psydde and Killer at Lucy's Hat Shop. Personality Crisis lasted for about a year until the "powers that be" decided it was a little too untamed for the Old City masses. Perhaps some day Personality Crisis will be back to cause confusion and a stirring in the loins at a bar near you!

Panty Raid: Philly's original panty raid party! Held May 29th, 2002 at Silk City. Panty Raid featured DJ's Psydde Delicious and Killer, underwear fashion shows by Frisk, bartenders, dj's (including Psydde Delicious!), and staff in their skivvies, dirty art by Dave Glass, and performances by Athena Lourdes, Kiki Berlin, and Needles Jones. Free admission was granted to anyone in underwear only! ...and we had quite a few!

Underlife : Melanie Stewart's "Underlife" (like much of the choreographer and director's work in recent years) blurs the lines between dancing, singing, talking and acting. And, even more than last year's Perfect, Underlife (which was billed as a "song-cycle cabaret") is full of raw emotion: themes like loneliness, bittersweet longing for childhood fantasy, and domestic struggle—all of the elements of tragic loss—abound.
Costumed by Psydde Delicious, Philadelphia Fringe Festival 1998

Raw: Ahhhh, Raw. What can I say about the party that spawned the Meat Joy Orgy! This was a follow up to the hugely successful original Old City Fast Cheap Party. RAW was held at Helena's (no longer in existance). It featured some of the foulest entertainment ever shown in a Philadelphia venue.

Perfect: In Melanie Stewart's Perfect, performers dress in costumes to imply different stages of physical and psychological dysfunction. Wearing metal entrapments, one character looks to have no arms and his legs are bound. Another wears a metal body brace yet dons pointe shoes. Even Stewart admits, "They're the strangest collection of characters I've ever seen. So the minute you see them you're thinking 'Who are they?' They're very charming and they come out singing this beautiful religious song. They're in the rapture. And you begin to appreciate the beauty of their deformity."
Costumed by Psydde Delicious, June 19-21, 1997.

Glam 2: This was Fast Cheap & Out of Control's big night at Shampoo nightclub! They had no idea what they were getting themselves into! Friggster (dj), Melissa Bang-Bang (dancer), Psydde Delicious (host, creator), and the entire Fast Cheap crew took over Shampoo for one dirty night of "glam, bam, thank you m'am!" I'd like to wager we don't get invited back any time soon!

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